Home decor is the main trend these days. And it is so hard to select the right things and portray your house with beautiful stuff. The first thing that comes to everybody's mind is to decorate the empty dead walls, right? For this purpose unknowingly people run and buy bulky stuff that covers the whole wall and it looks like some kind of exhibition room. For a change, if you have set your mind to go up with some home decoration in no time, here are some of the amazing miniature wooden frame paintings that you can buy right away to match up to any mood of your family from Wellbourne Crafts.

Wooden frames are always in trend and with Rajasthani painting on it is a heavenly combination. This home decor will redefine the culture and heritage of Rajasthan. A single picture describes your whole story of their tradition, culture, royalty, religion, and the art of living. The perfect use of bright-happy colours can be seen here. The detailed story mentioned in the sizes 16×28 and 12×24 is a mind-blowing creation that will surely attract your as well as your guest's eyes. Not only your walls but you can also decorate them on your child's study table for some inspiration or in your showcase. It will be a perfect gift for your special one on their special occasion. I am damn sure this will be the most unique gift of all. It will always beautify their rooms/houses even offices/workplaces. Also, it is not that heavy or space-consuming that could cover most of the part of your house and make it congested and ugly. It comes with two hooks for better adjustment and hanging. Plus it is made of high-definition modern canvas screenprint artwork. The frame used in this is of premium quality with beautiful copper Coloring on it that will last longer and can be used for many years. It represents the royal heritage of our ancestors and if I am not wrong most of the people go and buy tickets to visit such heritage assets and if you have that one in your home will be an alluring view.  It is mandatory to accommodate your money in the right place so that you won't regret it later. So definitely in my opinion buying a wooden frame with a miniature Rajasthani painting on it can never be a bad decision, it will always increase the beauty and status of your house. And will be a memorable gift to your loved ones.